Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011 continued...

After church on Easter Sunday, we went to Jesse and Allie's for lunch. We had a wonderful time connecting with family, making pizzas, eating pizzas, catching up, eating more, egg hunts...even an adult egg hunt (with a golden egg which included $70!) Lucky Luke! Here are a few pictures from our afternoon...
The four of us

My family...

Uncle Mac, Janice, Becca, Luke and Chelsey...we missed Jeremy!! Work, schmerk, J!!Aunt Lily with her family...her twin sons in the back and her daughter Charity (in orange) along with their families. The Hanson's (Allie's family)
For lunch we made pizzas and put them in the pizza oven. Yum, Yum!!
Myself, Chelsey, Austin and my sister Christy
I love these two together. Obviously they enjoy themselves too. HA!
Janice, Becca, Chelsey and Austin. (I love your hair Chels!) :)
Jadon, Christopher and Aubrey Rose ready for the egg hunt!
Jesse and my cousin Jon (with Symphony)
We had an egg hunt. Aubrey Rose was quite the fan!
There were even wrapped gifts for the kiddos!
Jed and Allie
Uncle Jesse and Aubrey Rose
And then this happened...sweet memories. Love it!