Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun in Alameda

To celebrate my dad's birthday this year my family took a trip to Alameda. What a treat!!! It was a last minute trip. We were all free for the weekend...which is in rare with ANY family! So, we decided to go visit Christy and Aaron and their new stomping grounds. :) This was oh, maybe 10pm at night. We didn't want to miss a chance to start the weekend off right celebrating on his birthday!

The next morning we got to enjoy a Ferry ride over to San Francisco.
The weather was perfect!

My brother and Aubrey Rose

My sister and the birthday boy

My parents

Jesse, Allie and Jed

Sweet boy

My sister and Aubrey Rose

The girls on the...I have no idea which one...Muni, BART, Ferry, Bus...that whole day of transportation was a little of a blur for me. We did it all!

We also got to see Aaron's work. Oh my!! It was sooooooooo beautiful and amazing.

My favorite thing was they had a fountain drink machine. How awesome would that be???

Here is Aaron's clean, incredibly organized office area. I should have taken a picture of his view!! It is incredible!! His office is a high rise building. It is beautiful!

And then on Sunday we took a family trip to Ikea. Allie was a first timer, so this monumental occasion had to be documented!

Uncle "Gaga" (as Aubrey has so sweetly named him) is wonderful entertainment for this girl. He creates fun out of the most simplest things. Love it!!

I think we should make this trip an annual vacation! So fun! For more pictures, Allie posted the other half of the trip HERE!