Thursday, May 26, 2011

Austin and Jed's dedication

It feels like it was just yesterday we were dedicating Aubrey Rose to the Lord. This time around with Austin it was doubly special because we did a cousin dedication. My nephew Jed is 3 months older than Austin. We decided to dedicate them together. I loved it. It was so special to do it as a whole family.

We made a promise and a commitment to the Lord to raise Austin in a Godly way. We promise to pray and train him "in the ways he should go, (so) even when he is old he will not depart." Here are a few pictures from the dedication...
Thank you Jerrod!!

It was so special to have each of our parents up there in support of our families.
Auntie Titi and Aubrey Rose

After the service, our family got together at Jesse and Allie's and made pizzas. Yummy!
What a special day.
Penner FamilySmittcamp FamilyAllie's family...her parents and sister Lauren

The Hanson FamilyArris and Becca (Sweet cousins by marriage) and Ashley (one of Allie's sweet friends) Mimi (Blake's mom), Austin and Opa (my dad)

Allie and I with our babies :) Thank you to everyone who helped make this day special.