Thursday, November 25, 2010

Allie's Shower

We planned a baby shower for my sister in law, Allie, and about a week before the shower she was admitted to the hospital for pre-term labor. After much discussion of going back and forth, we decided to keep the shower as planned and get creative. THANK GOODNESS for technology! We decided to skype Allie in on the computer and then our guest of brother! Everything went perfect!!

We made individual boxed meals for our guests. We had little tea sandwiches, fruit cup, mini cupcake and our famous Wawona Peach Jewels. This was the entry. For our centerpieces we used branches and attached cute, baby cut outs attached with little clothespins.
When guests arrived, they were greeted by ALLIE on the computer!! We skyped her in so she could greet each guest. Family including Allie on the computer. HA! :)

We were missing Darlene (Allie's mom) in this picture, but these are the ladies who put the shower on. Christy (my sister), myself, Becca (my cousin's wife), Jen (a sweet friend from church) and my mom (Margie)
Here is the guest of honor!! My brother did a PHENOMENAL job greeting guests, eating tea sandwiches and also opening gifts. He "oooo-ed" and "awwww-ed" perfectly. Everything was" so adorable" or "so precious." He represented Allie wonderfully.

At the gift time, we skyped Allie in again. He would open the gift and then...
show Allie how cute it was.
He even tried on the breast feeding cover!
I loved the wrapping of the gift. Top part wrapped in blue. Bottom half wrapped in pink. Little did we know a little boy would be born 10 days later.