Thursday, November 18, 2010

My new nephew :)

What a day!! Yesterday was one of the best days! My brother and Allie became a Daddy and a Mommy. Blake and I became an Uncle and an Auntie!!! And Aubrey Rose finally has a cousin!! Such a wonderful day!

Here are Jesse and Allie a couple of weeks ago...
I love this picture of Allie!

Allie was put on bed rest a couple of months ago, then for the last 3 weeks she has been waiting the arrival of her little one on bed rest at the hospital. What a journey. Fast forward to yesterday morning...I woke up to a text from Jesse saying they had a good night, Allie had some contractions, but nurses had not deemed her to be in active labor. An hour later, another text saying doctor broke her water and she was already dilated to a 6! Four hours later they became a mommy and daddy!!!!

It's a BOY!!!! Jedidiah Jesse born at 12:16pm on November 17, 2010
6 pounds, 11 ounces and 19 inches long!

He was born at 36 weeks! I can't imagine how big he would have been had he stayed in all 40 weeks!! He is absolutely perfect.

Here is my proud brother with his new son!