Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letter G continued...

Throughout the day we threw away GARBAGE. You know, teaching responsibility! :)
Then, we invited the GRANDMA'S over for lunch and to do a craft with them.
Mimi came a little earlier in the morning to give kisses and hugs to her little grandbaby...and they had a couple of Grapes. :)
We were so thankful she was able to come for some of the day. We LOVE Mimi!
Our table setting filled with GREEN and GOLD! Gift for Grandma's
The gift...gardening with Grandma! A pot, pods of dirt and seeds Our yummy goodness...Grilled Cheese, Grapes and Green salad with Gala Apples and Garbanzo beans. :)
Myself, Aubrey Rose and Oma
Christopher's grandmas
Time to Garden with Grandma! (or Oma) :)Add a little water to the dirt... Or a lot of water... :) OOPS!! Plant your seeds and wait patiently for your Garden to Grow!
At the end of the day...time to take out the GARBAGE!I am not kidding when I say this...this "taking out the garbage" task could possibly be the easiest and most willing these two have been. I didn't even know Aubrey Rose knew where the big trash bins were, let alone lead Christopher to them! HA!
They LOVED this!
And then, they took the bins all the way out to the street. Can we say new chore???!!! Oh yeah!
With a little help from mommy...
and Oma!

Such a fun day! The Grandma's LOVED it, Mommy's were tired, but so happy and of course the kiddos learned and had a wonderful nap after. :) I love these Cousin Letter Days! Always a win, win!