Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter G

Letter G day was GREAT! We learned about grass, golf, gardening, green, gold, God, glitter, garbage, and GRANDMAS! For lunch we enjoyed Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Grapes and Green Salad (with Gala Apples and Garbanzo beans).
We started the morning with making a GIFT for GRANDMA.

Our colors for the day...GREEN and GOLD!

We definitely used GLITTER!
Even used our hands to give the glitter a great look.
We took it up a notch and used hot GLUE...
to make more GLITTER.
This was a hit for sure!
Might not look like much, but they were definitely proud and the grandmas LOVED their gift box!
Then, a little outdoors fun. Cute, little feet feeling the GRASS...
and playing GOLF.
Going to the LONG drive. LOVE it Christopher!
Much more to come tomorrow!! We invited the GRANDMAS!!