Tuesday, November 30, 2010

H is for Horse!

When planning for the Letter H, our first thought was HORSE! And oh, this memory rose to the top of favorites for sure.
Can you tell these two have become quite the adorable friends??
Aubrey Rose hanging out at the stables.
Our Cowboy...

Our Cowgirl...
Our real cowgirl, Auntie Blair! (Blake's sister)

First they brushed the HORSE's HAIR.

Then, got to take a ride on the pretty HORSE, Mia.

They also got to feed the horses HAY.
Thank you, Blair, for helping us learn about horses, hay, hair, horseshoes, and happiness. And for helping us make sweet memories!
Daddy and Big Papa came out to see us too!!
Auntie Blair showed us the horse's shoes. They were quite intrigued.
Then, we went in for a little horseshoe craft. They were sooooooo happy to get their OWN Horseshoe!
They picked out beads...
Auntie Blair helped them string them on...
to make their own horseshoe design!
More to come about the Letter H another day!