Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letter H continued...

We started our Letter H day learning about Horses, then we came back to my house. Christopher and Aubrey Rose played a game of HIDE and seek.
If you ever play with Aubrey Rose at our house, she will probably hide here...
behind the curtains!
Or in the cupboards...

Hurry, hurry close the door!
Peek a boo!!
After a running around, we did our handprint craft. We made Christmas wrapping paper with their HANDS!
One red hand, the other green!

They LOVED this project!

Our little silly girl wasn't completely sure about making a mess, but she did get passed that eventually. :)
All done!

Then, we ventured out to get HOT DOGS!!! They were adorable and insisted on wearing their hats still. :)
After returning home, we did a little photo shoot with all different HATS and HAIR! HA!!
More to come in another post!