Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last day in paradise...

We had to live it up on the last day. First thing on the agenda...go back to the Sugar Cane Train (since it was closed the day before)! This made our little girl a VERY thankful and happy girl!

We decided to forego the nap on the last day. Obviously she was happy about that decision! :)

Being silly on the BIG kid slide...

Of course we had to take advantage of the pirate ship one more time on the last day!

This was Aubrey's routine every time she went down the slide. She LOVED to go head first, then swim to the rope wall and check out everybody and everything. And then go right back for another round. :)

Having fun with Auntie Blair

For our last evening we walked to Whaler's Village and ate at Hula Grill and then we couldn't pass up a little more shopping before heading home the next day.

Aubrey Rose and Mimi
Auntie Blair and Aubrey Rose
Jordan and Blair

Thank you Big Papa and Mimi, for loving our little girl so sweetly like you do and for blessing all of us with such a WONDERFUL trip with so many special family memories. We LOVE you guys!!
We can't wait for more fun in the sun next time! Next time Uncle Bradley HAS to come! We missed him too much! Forget work and school! :)