Monday, December 20, 2010

Fisbee, the Elf

A fun new tradition we started this year in our house was Elf on the Shelf. Even though some of the concepts are completely against my grain to go along with (since I did not grow up believing Santa was real), I absolutely LOVE seeing the joy and excitement Aubrey Rose shows each morning when she finds our Elf, named Fisbee. Each day does not disappoint. There is jumping. Huge smiles. Lots of twirls and clapping. It is adorable. For that, I am LOVING our new tradition. And of course, Blake is a HUGE fan too, since he might be Santa's #1 fan. :)
Every night, Fisbee moves to a different location in the house. He watches over us all day to make sure we are nice and not naughty. At night while we sleep, he tells Santa how good we were and then he moves to a different location of the house to watch us again the next day.

With only a few more days until Christmas, Fisbee is running out of creative places to hide. That and sometimes Fisbee is so tired that he moves in the morning. :) No matter what, the response in the morning from our little 2 year old is completely worth the while. So cute.


Ahlem Family said...

This just reminded me I need to do a little post about Jumping Jack. Such a fun little tradition...