Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back up...FINALLY!

We have had computer issues around here. I am FINALLY back up and running. First thing on the agenda was to download all the pictures I have not been able to download for weeks. We are now back in business. Whoo hoo!! Now if I could just carve out some time somewhere in these busy holiday days to bring my blog back up to speed! I will try my best. Here are a couple of pics just because I know every post is better with pictures.

Even though things are go, go, go around here, we have had cherished time enjoying the cozy fire and reading books with Aubrey Rose.

This past weekend we got out of town to do our annual Christmas shopping. Definitely a success! Here is the only picture I took of the whole weekend. I know...shame on me! Hey, at least it was a cute one! :)
We have also been able to enjoy the newest little baby in the family...

oh wait....this is NOT a baby!!!Here is Aubrey Rose hanging out with her cousin Jedidiah! Aubrey Rose all of a sudden has become a quite the fan of baby car seats, pacifiers and bottles. UH-OH!!