Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maui Memories...

I realize I am cutting this close, but before Christmas passes us by I want to share what we did for Thanksgiving. We were blessed to be able to spend a week in Maui with Blake's family.

Here is Big Papa in his board shots and flip flops on the tram ready to fly to Maui! :) On the plane, ready for the 5 hour flight!
Aubrey Rose did great on the flights! Thanks to the DVD entertainment! The second we started unpacking the bags, Aubrey Rose found all of her swim stuff and started BEGGING to go "swimming NOW PEESE!"
They swam for a little bit, but then Daddy took Aubrey Rose out to the beach and buried her.
She LOVED it!

Great way to start the vacation! Sand EVERYWHERE!
The next morning Aubrey Rose woke up, quietly snuck out of bed and went to look out the window. Then, she came to me in bed, tapped my arm and said, "Mommy, Beach!! Come on...let's go...Beach!" Little did I know, this would be her morning routine every morning.
So out we went to the beach and lots of swimming in the pool. I love how she isn't even looking at the camera. She was eyeing the pool already.
Daddy and Aubrey Rose
That night we went to dinner at Duke's.

I can't get enough of her big cheesy smile.

The next day we did a little sight seeing. We visited some organic farms, which led us on quite the road adventure. We ended up at the Haleakala Crater. Absolutely FREEZING, but amazing scenery!

Then, back down the mountain and we ate at the delicious Hail'imaile General Store. It was an ADORABLE restaurant.
Then, we continued on our journey to the airport to pick up Blair and her boyfriend, Jordan. More family fun to come!