Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Maui memories...

We enjoyed the beach and sun again the following day. Aubrey Rose was in heaven once again. Even though she was a HUGE fan of the pool and the sand, we still have to work on the whole ocean thing. She was definitely NOT a fan of crashing waves. Hey, we have come a LONG way since those days she was not a fan of the sand or the grass. Baby steps. :)
She did however, make friends everywhere she went. She called this friend Pink. This little girl was 5 and she had a pink swimsuit and a pink lifevest. Hence, the creativity of the name. :)
Relaxing on the hammock is kind of a decieving picture since there was very little of sitting still. This girl was a busy bee all week calling everything her own. "My pool. My beach. Aubrey's boat. Aubrey's toys." You get the picture. She was in heaven, loving life.
That evening we went to dinner in Lahaina.
The girls...
Blair and Jordan
This brings us to Thanksgiving Day. All week we had been prepping Aubrey Rose we were going to go on the SugarCane Train. Linda was so sweet to call in advance and make sure of the details. We showed up Thanksgiving Day to ride the train. CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY. Aubrey Rose was BEYOND sad. (We went the next day though, to make up for it.)
We made the best of the day and went into Lahaina for some shopping.

and eating at Cheeseburger in Paradise

and of course some more shopping!
That night we ate at the Pineapple Grill.