Sunday, November 14, 2010

Her prayer

Blake, Aubrey Rose and I went out for lunch today. We asked Aubrey if she wanted to pray, which she said yes. This actually made me soooooooooo giddy inside because she used to pray out loud for us all the time, (and I think there is not much that is sweeter than hearing a little ones prayers) but it has been a couple of months since Aubrey Rose has prayed out loud. We ask her all the time if she wants to pray, we try to encourage her to pray, yet in the end she always asks daddy or mommy to pray. So we don't push it. We just continue to plant the seeds. I wish I had gotten her prayers on video from a couple of months ago. It was the sweetest thing. She said the same prayer every time. These little ones are like sponges! Daddy told her one time, that our prayers do not have to be long, elaborate prayers, but just prayers from our heart. He told her she could just say, "Dear Jesus, I love you. Amen." So that is what she prayed every night, every meal or anytime we asked her if she wanted to pray. However, it has been months since I heard her sweet voice say a sweet prayer to our Lord.
Until lunch...she said yes, folded her hands, closed her eyes, brought her hands in front of her face, and said..."Pink, green, color...Dear Father, thank you. Amen." HA!!! I melted right there at the table! See...planting seeds, one seed at a time. :)