Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we met my parents, Jesse and Allie and Allie's family for a wonderful church service at People's church.
Here are two of my favorite little people in the whole world...
 After church, we went and visited our friends house who live in Holiday Lane and has snow on their yard.  Aubrey Rose loved it.
 Then, we met for dinner with Blake's family.  I loved how Blake, his dad and Austin all wore argyle sweater.  They looked so cute together.  :)
 Aubrey Rose loves sitting on her Big Papa's lap.  :)
The night before Christmas....
Her daddy LOVES Santa, therefore Aubrey Rose does too.  :)
 They sprinkled Reindeer food on the grass that she got from her preschool.
They left cookies and milk.  This was definitely my first time preparing for Santa, so Daddy showed all of us how to do this.   :) 

 And extra kisses for daddy.
The next morning, on Christmas morning, we had to wake Aubrey Rose up and as she was stretching so big, the first thing she said was, "Did he eat the cookies and milk????"  HA!!  Oh, our little girl was soooo excited!