Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So it begins...

Austin met his cousin Jedidiah almost 10 months ago.
These boys are 3 months apart.  
We both did not know these were BOYS growing in our tummies until THE DAY they were born.
But, God knew.  He definitely had a plan.
Sometimes it is REALLY hard to trust His plan.
My favorite part of God's plan is when I look back on the years and see how God worked in my life to get me to today.  
Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in the worries today or tomorrow might bring. 
I find much comfort in just breathing a deep breath and thanking the Lord for where He has brought me to today, for His Mercies being new every day and for His hand to hold along the way.

Back to God's plan for these two little boys....
This was the first day Austin and Jed met.
The days of these boys just laying there are LONG gone!
They are officially on the go, ready to conquer the world.

And we are praying they choose to do it together.  :)
So let it all begin.  Teamwork. Togetherness. Bonding.  Love.  Standing up for each other.  Watching out for each other.  Hopefully not too much competitiveness.  :)  And most importantly, learning and teaching others about God and the joy ONLY He can bring.


The Penner Clan said...

LOVE this blog... great pictures! Love your words!