Saturday, December 24, 2011

So sweet

Aubrey Rose got a new doll from some sweet friends.  This was her first Disney princess doll.  She was in heaven the second she saw it.  Then, she learned the doll could sing too.  Oh she almost died.  About an hour after we opened her up, I was on the verge of going insane because I had heard "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat..." a billion too many times.  Thankfully, after a few days, I didn't hear Ariel singing in my dreams anymore, but Ariel has slept every night with Aubrey Rose since.  She insists on taking her all around town.  It makes her so happy, which puts a smile on my face too.

Before Ariel came to live with us, Aubrey Rose didn't know the words to the song at all.  She learned the song in a day.  THAT is how many times we ALL listened to Ariel's sweet voice singing to us.  We took this video the same day she got her. She cracks me up.
Thanks Blake and Christina!