Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to decorate!!

We came home from Maui, had Thanksgiving the next day with my family, then got to work decorating the house for Christmas.
 Austin and I stayed inside the cozy, warm house, while Aubrey Rose and Daddy worked on the outside.
Aubrey Rose also helped rake the leaves.  Not sure if we could get her to do this if she didn't have a PINK rake.  She loves that thing!
Every year brings wonderful memories of finding the perfect tree.  This year did not disappoint with the memories.  We found a tree Blake and I both liked.  I told him it looks great, except the trunk does a really good jig-jag at the bottom.  He checked it out.  He said no problem he could fix it.  I said great!  We both said perfect let's do it.  We brought it home, he fixed it all up, stood it up and then came inside and told me, "You were right.  This is the crookedest tree he has ever bought." Just the way he said it made me laugh.  Love him!  We went outside dying laughing at how beautifully it leaned.  Nothing a 2x4 couldn't fix.  HA!!
 At our house, Blake is the amazing tree lighter.  :)
 That night we also brought out our nativity scene and learned more about Jesus.

 The next day I had some little helpers to help decorate the tree.  We put the ornaments perfectly spaced around the tree.  We only broke one ornament.  Pretty good for having two little ones.  We have since raised all the ornaments above Austin's reach.  :)  
We are counting down the days until Christmas!!!