Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maui 2011

I am finally posting about our week with Blake's side of the family in Maui.  I think my favorite part was being able to forget about everything at home and just relax.  Well, relax as much as possible while taking care of a 3 1/2 year old and 9 month old. 
  This little girl was in her own kind of heaven for a whole week.  She was a huge fan of "my beach" and 
 "my pirate ship" as she called them.  
 Last time we went Maui Aubrey Rose did not want to leave the pool.  I am talking major work to get her to go up to the room.  This year she focused on playing in the sand and playing in the kid area on the pirate ship.  I think she swam one time in the pool.   Oh, and she refused to go in the ocean.  That silly girl!  And by around noon she was done, wanted lunch and then wanted a nap.  This whole growing up thing is going a little too fast for me. 

 We cooked in every night except two of the nights.  This year everyone had a different night to cook.   Blake and I made Chicken Cordon Bleu.  YUMMY!!
 Below, the top right picture (with the two fishing poles) deserves some mention.   That was my view for six hours.  We went deep sea fishing as a family.  I got so seasick.  It was brutal.  What sounded like a great idea, wasn't too great.  To top it all off, we didn't catch a thing.  Bummer.  We all decided next time we will choose a different excursion.  Nice to check it off the list though.  :)

The week we were in Maui we were able to meet up with our sweet friends the Patricio's.  Our trips overlapped one day.  We stayed at the same resort too!  So random and so fun!
 My cousin and her family were in Maui at the same time too.   They live in Canada, so this was an extra special treat!  We met up one afternoon.  Had lunch, the girls played and us adults actually got some fun conversations in too.  Perfect!
 Thanksgiving night we got all dressed up in matching outfits
Took some fun family pics...

Blake with his brother and sister

Mimi and Austin

So thankful for Mimi and Big Papa!!!

After pictures, we went upstairs and had yummy turkey and all the fixings.
Aubrey Rose's favorite Maui toy she brought home.  :)
 Our last day in Maui...
Our last night in Maui...

 Our last morning in Maui...
Two kids are a lot of work.  Blake and I thought much more work out of town, but it sure was nice to relax and unwind in such a beautiful place. Thank you Big Papa and Mimi for blessing us with a wonderful family vacation.  LOVE being together!


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