Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost there!

We have TWO weeks to go until the newest little Smittcamp arrives. We can not wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. I still feel probably 99%, or maybe even 100%, that this baby is a girl. Aubrey was 2 days early, so I am hoping and praying this baby cooperates just as well, if not better. :)
We have definitely been in baby mode over here lately. Last week, we were busy pulling all the baby things out, cleaning everything up, sanitizing bottles and such again, laundry like crazy, setting up the bassinet, making sure we have everything in order....whew, it started to make my head turn.
Things still to do??? I need to pack my bags for the hospital and also a bag for Aubrey Rose. Maybe, I should start making a list so I don't forget things. :) Oh, and I should buy some diapers too. We might need those. HA! We bought a box and then realized we bought size 1 rather than the newborn stage. What were we thinking??? We are so out of this baby game! I am sure it will all come right back just as quickly as it came with Aubrey Rose.
I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday. (Side note...just to brag about my doctor a bit...I happened to get there about 10 minutes early and when I got there they were already ready for me to go into a room. So, I went in and waited for the doctor. My appt was at 10am. My doctor walked in at 10:01!!! No joke. 10:01!!! LOVE Dr. Mason!) After a few minutes, it was decided this baby is content, happy and staying put. We have another appointment next week to see if there are any changes.
We will soon see God's plan work itself out. I can't wait. :)

Aubrey Rose is holding a "Little Sister" and a "Little Brother" onesie.
Which one do you think we should buy???


tommy and janay said...

Buy the BOY one;) But like I said...I totally believe your intuition:) LOVE you guys and CANT wait to find out who that little baby is!!!!! xoxo

Amy DiBuduo said...

Yea for two weeks left! So excited for you guys... :) Can't wait to hear the news! By the way, here is the link to the u create site I was telling you about a while back.

Amy said...

You have mason? He's awesome! I didn't even know you were pregnant again! I am so happy for you!! Can't wait to see pics of the newest little Smittcamp!! Hugs to you my sweet friend!