Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's dance!

This last week Aubrey Rose started a Tumble class at Break The Barriers. As the class started, she was pretty reserved and quiet (which is soooo not her). By the end of the class, she was completely herself and loving every jump, every flip, every move they had her do. When class was done, she cried. She was soooooooo sad it was over! We called Blake to tell him how much fun she had and all she could get out was, "Daddy, DANCE CLASS IS ALLLLLLL OVER!!!" Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I guess at 3 it is hard to understand the idea that you get to come back next week. :)

Here she is in her adorable leotard Mimi bought her!
Thank you Mimi for taking me to dance class!!!


Jean Jacques said...

Both you and your daughter were so beautiful.

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