Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day!

Don't you just LOVE unexpected blessings??!!! Well, this snow day was definitely one. It was not planned. It was a spur of the moment "let's drive up to the snow right now" memory. And it turned out to be a wonderful, unexpected blessing.
At first, Aubrey Rose just wanted to touch the snow and play in it.
However, Daddy had other plans!

Down they went!
They both LOVED it! Up and down, back and forth they went.
Then, they made snow angels...

They made a tiny snowman...

But, her FAVORITE part, by far, was licking and eating the snow.

However, the most laughs came from Daddy throwing her into the snow.

Oh, she was one happy girl...all day long!
Even when it was time to go home.


Katie Jane said...

So fun! Trav was looking over my shoulder when I was reading/looking at your post and said..."we need to do that."

Looks like we are going next weekend.

Love you!

How Sweet It Is said...

So cute! Love reading your blog.