Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little help...maybe even a lot...

We are counting down the days until this new baby will be arriving. The only problem is we don't know what date we are counting down to. HA!
In the meantime, we have been spending a lot of time with our nephew, Jed. We can't get enough of him! I am just praying the way Aubrey Rose interacts with Jed is a sign of what is to come as a BIG sister! She is ADORABLE with Jed. She is so gentle and thoughtful to him. Always wanting to hold him and sad if she can't. I can not wait to see these two grow up together.

I am praising our Lord for His plans and for the way He has blessed our family with a little extra help in preparing our little girl to be a BIG sister someday. Only time will tell how much of a help and what life will be like when the baby is at our home 24/7, rather than just a short drive away. :)


Karen said...

Hey Cherie! I had to share this story. Kiersten was just shy of 3 years old, just like Aubrey, when I was pregnant. John and Wendy's Marty was born a month before Garrett, so we spent alot of time over there, as well. Fast forward to Garrett being born. Kiersten LOVED him! Or so we thought. She wanted to hold him, kiss him, etc. Until one day when Garrett was crying. Kiersten tilted her head up to me and asked "When are we bringing him back to Uncle John and Auntie Wendy?" "Oh, no, Kiersten, THIS one's OURS!" I told her. Then I thought, no wonder she loved him...she didn't think that he was staying!!