Friday, February 4, 2011

Perfect ski day!

On Saturday we went up to China Peak for a fun ski day. Aubrey Rose and I hung out together while Blake and his family did a couple of ski runs. Worked out to be a perfect day!!

Here is the whole family together...
We had to take individual pictures with some of Aubrey Rose's favorite people...
Auntie B.B.
Uncle B-Rad!
Big Papa
And Daddy and Mommy
One more family shot
Another reason it was a perfect day at the slopes was because we ran into sweet friends!! Julie and Kim were there with their families! Love these girls!
Aubrey Rose LOVES JuJu! Julie has some really fun animals, even BIG turtles, at her parents house, so Aubrey is quite the fan of anytime with Julie.
After a couple of runs, Daddy came down the mountain and put Aubrey on skis for the first time!
I am not sure who was more excited. :)
Our almost 3 year old rockin the skis

Audrey and Aubrey Rose were loving being together.
Audrey gave the skis a try! She did awesome!
These are girls are adorable together.
And Josh was there too!! Next time Jett will have to come up with his daddy. :)
And then one video of Aubrey racing down the bunny hill. After 2 runs, she told us she was ready to go up the big chair lift to the big mountain. Daddy told her we could do that next time. Uh-oh...we have another skier on our hands. LOVE it!