Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christopher and Aubrey Rose

I am sure you all recognize this little boy from our Letter Days. Well, last week Christopher got to come over and hang out for a few hours and just PLAY with his friend Aubrey Rose. No set plans. No learning specific letters. Just fun play time together. They had the best time together!

At one point in the day, sweet Christopher looked at me and said..."Aunt Cherie, what letter are we going to learn today?" Oh it broke my heart! I felt like I should pull something out of a bag of tricks, but I had nothing! :)

One of their favorite parts was going to the park....
and playing.
They loved copying each other of what the other was doing. It was so cute.
Then, a little work out...
and a snack before heading home.
We loved having Christopher over to play with us!