Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brady and Aubrey Rose

Our sweet friends Tommy and Janay came into town for a visit. We are PRAYING really hard that someday they will move back to Fresno. :) Until then, we will soak up every moment we get to be together.

Might not look like them, but this is Brady and Aubrey Rose in
June 2008
February 2009
December 2009
Who are these two?? Gosh, time flies!
January 2011
We started documenting in pictures, not only because we LOVE getting them together, but you never know, what if they get married. HA!!! Love you guys! Can't wait until our next memories together.


tommy and janay said...

ok i love love love this! And I can't believe how much little people change in 2+ years!! Crazy. So sweet. ANd whenever you are ready to sign a prearranged marriage contract for them let us know;) Love you guys and can't wait for baby day!