Sunday, July 3, 2011

Already 4 months old!

Our little man is moving right along! He has definitely decided he enjoys waking up in the middle of the night. I am not talking like, oh just once. I am talking three times a night and he has to eat each time he wakes and when he eats he acts like he hasn't had a meal for 3 days. I am not kidding. Yes, probably a growth spurt. But, for a month like this??? Goodness. He is definitely worth it though. :) However, in desperate measures, we decided to start rice cereal and food. Little better. We are hoping this will progressively get better. But, have you seen how tall his daddy is? I think he might already be trying to grow taller than him.

And moving he is!! I left him under his little toy mat thing (whatever it is called) and I came around the corner and found him like this!! Are you kidding?? Four months old...tides are changing very quickly. Last week he started rolling from his back to his tummy and one week later he is full on rolling. Goodness! Actually, this was on his four month birthday! We are so thankful for you Austin James!! You make me smile, laugh, and melt. I love you sweet boy!


Karen said...

We're so glad that we were finally able to meet Aubrey Rose and Aww-tin. What a cutie! I was just looking at his birth announcement on our refrigerator and wondering when we'll see him next, and what'll look like and be doing. Thankfully you have this blog to keep us all up to date. Love to all of you!!