Saturday, July 16, 2011

Michael Jackson tribute

By any chance, do you remember how much of a Michael Jackson fan my husband is? Do you remember Blake's 30th MJ birthday party?? Well, Blake is a HUGE fan of MJ's music and dancing talent. However, he is not the only fan in the family. My cousin's are just as big of fans, so we decided to suprise the guys and buy tickets to see an MJ impersonator. The show Moonwalker MJ experience was performing near us, so we decided to give it a shot. These are my two cousins and Blake. They thought we were just going to dinner together. HA!!! Then, we surprised them with tickets!
The concert was almost an hour away, so we decided to kill the time while watching all of MJ's videos. Yes, these were all in Blake's possession. And I am not talking hidden in the attic or somewhere we can't remember where they are. Nope, these are easy to access to grab at the drop of a hat. HA! Love it! Yes, Blake wore this outfit the whole night. HA!! My favorite was when he sang Beat It...obviously Blake loved it too! HA!!
I swear this MJ impersonator had to have had a nose job as well. He seriously LOOKED like him, SANG like him and DANCED like him. I am not kidding this guy was AWESOME!! We were all so impressed! And he had almost a dozen outfit changes. It was awesome!
The only thing that wasn't phenomenal was his "lean." Obviously, he needed some assistance. They definitely should have called in replacements just for "the lean." Any of these guys would have done a better job. No photoshopping here! This is the real deal. Pretty good right??What an awesome night! One for the record books of all time favorite nights. LOVED the concert. LOVED the singing and dancing. LOVED the outfits. LOVED surprising the guys. Absolutely LOVED the company. Thanks everyone for a wonderful night! OH, and we got to MEET MJ!! HA! Love it!

He even Moonwalked!