Friday, July 8, 2011

Letter Q

I know I skipped a couple of letters in between, but I need to start somewhere, right? Why not start with the most recent! Here is the letter Q!

Our Quarterback and our Queen. We started in the kitchen...
making Quiche! First, put the pie crust in.
Then, add cheese and sausage.
Then, pour the yummy egg mixture.
Next up, making a Q for QUILT.

Then, one of the mommy's favorites....QUIET time! They actually did really great at this. They couldn't stand to be separated in different rooms, so this is where they chose. Hey it gave us about 20 minutes to do what we wanted to do! :) They got a little energy out and practiced QUICK and slooooooooooooow. Then, we had a QUAINT, little lunch
Painting with Q-tips!
They made the letter Q.

Last on the agenda for the day was finding quarters, learning about quarters and of course that means playing with coins. :)And don't forget about our other little quarterback and queen! Austin and Symphony were so flexible throughout the day! Love those two! And a little love from the Queen! (Well, Queen for only the day! I definitely told her at the end of the day she was back to being Aubrey Rose. HA!!!)