Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swim lessons

Aubrey Rose is quite the little fishy!

At the swim school we go to, they train with one on one lessons.  She has 30 minute lessons with one on one focus.
I still laugh that after her second lesson (only ONE hour of being with Aubrey Rose), the teacher came to me and said, "Aubrey is doing great.  She is such a great swimmer.  The thing we are working on the most is who is the teacher and who is the student." I laughed so hard because she figured our girl out to a T in one hour.  HA!  I am pretty sure I have a leader on my hands!
On the last class they have a parent get in so they can teach the technique and train us how to teach her at home. 

Mimi and Austin
They also have an awards ceremony for their newest champion swimmer!! 
She was so proud...
We did swim lessons with some of our dear friends.  Here are our other champion swimmers...Logan, Peyton and Taylor
We did lessons together last summer as well, so it was fun to do again this year.

Here is our little princess swimmer!