Monday, July 11, 2011

Family visits

We recently had family come visit us for a week. This is SOME of my moms family. There are SEVEN kids in her family so I am serious when I say this is only some of us. We had family from Canada, Arizona and Minnesota. It was a week of fun. A week of tons of food. A week full of laughter. A week of swimming every day, sometimes even multiple times in one day. A week of late nights and early mornings. And also a week of Austin deciding he enjoyed waking up 3 times a night. Now that Austin has figured out his nights and I have caught up on my sleep...want to do it again???? Can you guys all come back for Round 2?? We loved it!

These four stayed at Blake and my house. This is my cousin, his wife and their two kids. LOVE them! (Not just the kids...all four of them.) :)

The band was formed early on in the week... There were late night jam sessions and early morning ones too. ;)Jesse and Jed even stopped by at lunches during work days... Jed and Austin loved the attention, and of course Aubrey Rose did even more.
My cousin Terry, made the most amazing White Chocolate chip/cranberry scones. He also fixed a lot of things in our house. A chef and Mr. Fix It man! LOVED it! Wonderful bonding times... Lots of meals together...Lots of smiles...even from the babies...
There was not much exercising going on for the week (unless you count swimming every day all day), except for Jed doing push ups! HA!
A little In N Out deliciousness...a necessity...since they don't have it back home.
Adding an extra challenge to Garrett's game
Aubrey Rose's BFF
My mom's sister and brother
My mom's sister, her son and his sweet family
Pizza Time!
We swam A LOT!! So much that Aubrey Rose got swimmer's ear and couldn't swim for a week after they left. We are all better now! My brother, my dad, Blake and Austin We celebrated Aunt Ursula's 65th while she was here! These two girls LOVED being together!
Thank you guys for coming!! Can't wait to see you guys next time! Please be soon....please be soon.... :)