Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Pizza Throwdown

Jesse and Allie have a beautiful pizza oven in their backyard.  My cousin Terry, who was visiting us for a week also has a pizza oven in their backyard at home.  We thought it was only fitting to have our first pizza throwdown.  We narrowed the options to just dessert pizzas.  Let me break down the competition for you...

Here is Jesse and Allie's pizza oven
Their oven at dusk

My cousin's oven
(I know, I know...we were surprised it worked too!  Apparently, it bakes perfectly!)

The competitors...
my cousin Terry vs. my sister in law Allie...

My Cousin's dessert pizza...
I am probably going to get in trouble for butchering his recipe, but it was something like this...
A cube of butter (hello thunder thighs)
 A box of powdered sugar (can we say chunker munker)
Marscapone cheese (who knows what that is)
and Lemons (without even the effort of removing the peel)

Allie's delicatessen delight:
Pre-baked with a perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar (and a touch of butter)
A perfect spread of God's gift to the world (Nutella)
Add fresh, locally picked strawberries (thinly sliced and evenly spread across the entire pizza)
Drizzle chocolate fudge sauce artistically across this magnificent creation
Lastly, to finish the masterpiece a light dusting of powdered sugar.   

I agree, Allie, that is what I thought of Terry's pizza too!  :)
(okay, okay...the flavors were surprisingly delicious. Well, that is if one is a lemon fan.)

The verdict...
Now I am not going to say that the judging on this event was rigged or anything...but when the mother of one of the competitors is a tell me!!!  We will take the loss with pride, knowing that we did our best, but I smell a rematch.  And next time the panel of judges may have a slightly different make up.  You know...maybe some people who have a true appreciation for fine cuisine. 


margie penner said...

Favorite picture...Allie choking on lemon. Very insightful post, Cherie!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the whole blog post doesn't have some sort of preferential bias... but I STILL WON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frankly Terry I am not getting any vibe of bias. Not sure what you are talking about. Can you enlighten me?


Karen said...