Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 months old!!

Six months old??  Half way to a year old??  WOW!  I love how time flies.  The days often feel long and tiring, but I absolutely love where we are today.  Two busy kids.  Two kids needing my constant attention.  Two kids I am responsible for on a daily basis, for training in the way they should go, so when it is up to them they will not depart.  Although overwhelming at times, (like at JCPenney's when Aubrey Rose throws an absolute fit in front of about 10 strangers because she did not get to press the button to the elevator and the other little boy did...wow!) the sweet moments of the two of them loving on each other and giggling help put our busy world into perspective.  I wouldn't change it for anything.   
Back to our little 6 month old...Austin, this month, I confirmed your eyes are not going to be blue.  They are definitely going to be brown.  They started out blue.  Our doctor thought they were going to be blue, but sure enough you were just tricking us.  They are now dark brown, just like your daddy.  :)
Austin, each time you eat, it seems as though you have never eaten before.  You seem sooooo hungry!!  I can't even imagine how you much you will eat when you are a teenager!  I am pretty sure you are going to eat us out of house and home.  HA!
Right now your favorites are sweet potatoes.  I am already feeling like I need to give you foods you can pick up by yourself.  You are much happier if you can do it yourself!  Goodness, I already have one determined and independent child...you too??!!  :)
Your sister can make you light up like none other.  If I am holding you, you kick your legs, almost wiggle out of my arms and you giggle so big.  You are starting to show Aubrey Rose when she makes you mad.  If she takes something away from you, you sure let her hear it.  She is starting to figure it out that you have an opinion too.  :)
You are loving your new accomplishments.  Crawling all over the house (thankfully you have not found the stairs yet), sitting so strong, and standing up holding onto things.  Just today for the first time you pulled yourself up to something.  You are starting to follow me wherever I walk to, especially if you are not happy about something.    
I forgot how much I love it when my little baby finds me in the kitchen, crawls all the way to me and pulls up on my leg.  You just started doing that this week.  It melts my heart.  
You are already so determined.  You know what you want.  You get frustrated if you don't get it.  The other day your toy rolled under the table and you tried and tried to get it, but to no success.  Then, came the little tantrum.  You squealed and fussed until I came and saved your day.  After you had your toy...immediately back to happy Austin.  Oh my little sunshine.  
Your hair is starting to grow back.  I can not believe how little of hair you have compared to when you were born.  Don't worry we love you bald, with a comb over, or with hair.  :)
 Austin, everything is going straight to your mouth.  Aubrey Rose has a tricky time saying her S's, so when she says your name she calls you "Aww-tin."  When I saw this picture it made me smile because of all the letters, you pulled out the S.  Your name was spelt just the way your sissy says your name.  HA!  Love it!
You figured out the sleep thing again.  Thank you!!  We are so thankful!  You have been going to bed at about 8:00pm and waking up at 6 to eat, and then go right back to bed until 8am.  You do not take a pacifier.  When we give it to you, you act like it is a toy.  You just bite it and play with it.  You also do not suck on your thumb or hand.  I honestly have no idea how you soothe yourself to sleep.  
Actually, I do know something that you do.  In the picture above you are doing it with your right hand.  You open and close your hand, back and forth, back and forth.  I am not sure why, but you especially do it when you are tired.  You do it on all different textures.  You do it on fabric, on floors, on your clothes, and when you are tired you do it on your head, behind your ears.  I know random, right?  But, I often hear you do it in your bed to fall asleep.  
You are quite the smiley boy.  This past weekend you were quite fussy though, but then today you slept almost all day long.  You must be growing again.   Love you little man.  I am so thankful for your life and for the joy you bring to your daddy and I and to so many others.   Happy half year Birthday!!  :)


margie penner said...

That is the sweetest post ever! Love it!