Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our professional seamstress

Most of these pictures have made it to the blog at one time or another.  But, they deserved another post.  A special post.  This post is for our favorite Mimi.  Our professional seamstress.  :)  Mimi is incredibly talented!  She could probably make these clothes with her eyes closed.  Thank you Mimi for spoiling us!!

My newest favorite...Mimi made Aubrey Rose this adorable dress.
 Here is the back of it.

She made all 3 of our Halloween costumes last year.

 Mimi made Aubrey Rose's Christmas dress
 and her jacket.

 For Easter, Mimi made matching outfits for both Aubrey Rose and Austin
The newest sweet dress...
Mimi, you are such a blessing to us.  We can not thank you enough for not only the sweet clothes you make for our kiddos, but for all that you do for us and them!  We love you!