Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little bit of everything...

Lately, we have been having a little bit of everything around here...  

A little out of town.
A lot at home.
 A little backyard dinners. 
A lot of swim parties.
A little birthday fun with friends and family.
A lot of sweet cousin time.
We have even had a little Barney fun.  (Yes, I love you. You love me. Yes, THAT Barney. HA!!)

A little crawling from our 5 month old.
A LOT of drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING from that same 5 month old.

A little training for our 3 year old. 
A lot of correcting too,
but A whole LOT of hilarious comments that make me laugh when I lay my head down at night.

However, can you guess what we have had the most of lately????  PEACHES!!!
Peach season is in FULL swing over here.  They are coming in by the truck loads.  BIG truck loads.  Day and night.  Aubrey Rose and I have been seeing those Wawona trucks all over town and we have even had friends call asking us to tell the Wawona trucks to get out of the fast lane.  HA!!!!  It is peach season!  We need those peaches and fast!!  Aubrey and I play the game of if the bins are empty or full.   HA!  Love it!

And since every blog post is even more fun with pictures, here are a couple.  The other night after dinner we laid out on the grass and I played with my camera settings...


Kylie said...

Send one of those peach trucks my way :) xoxox