Friday, August 26, 2011

Fondue with cousins!

Last Saturday night we had a cousin night with my side of the family.  Such a fun time together!  We are so blessed with cousins similar in age and also cousins who have chosen some WONDERFUL spouses!  Is it normal to all have this big of smiles when you are with family?!  
When my cousin married Andrea, our family struck gold.  :) She had the vision for this night.  She divvied out the food and we all had such a great time.

Fondue night with cousins!

Blake made margaritas

My cousin David and his wife Arris
My cousin Chelsey and Blake
Allie, Symphony, Andrea and my entertaining brother
Blake and I
Oh, Andrea, I love you.  Where does she come up with this stuff????  This was hilarious.  Split into teams.  One person has a cup on their head.  The other person has silly string.  Most string in the cup at the end wins.  HA!!
I am not sure if Jeremy had more in his cup or on his head.  HA!!

It was so great!  Tons of laughter.  Lots of catching up.  Just sweet family time.  I think our last time together, just the cousins, was up in Oakhurst.  Remember that one???  HA!!