Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend update...

This past weekend we spent in Roseville.  We went for Blake's regional tennis tournament. Blake loves to play tennis.  It's a good thing he enjoys it because he is REALLY good at it.  (And I am not just saying it because I am his wife. He really is.)  :)  I love to watch him play.  The only hard part is we have 2 kids now.  2 kids + quiet tennis match (and I mean REALLY quiet) = not too much watch time for me.   But we loved being there with him.  Blake's team came in 2nd place.  They were soooooo close to taking the whole thing.  We had a great weekend with a wonderful mix of sweet family time and fun times with friends and teammates.
 Aubrey's shirt says, "You're NO match for my DAD!!"  HA!!  I loved it!  (Thanks for the perfect shirt, Blake and Christina!!)

 Don't let Austin's happy smile confuse you too much.  Yes, he is my little charmer.  He is also my happy, little boy.  But, this little guy is NOT a fan of sleeping at hotels.  Each night he woke up 3 or 4 times, but one of the nights...oh, that one night...Blake and I both saw every hour on the clock.  We MIGHT have missed one hour, but I am pretty sure we saw every other one.  It's a good thing, we love him sooooooooo incredibly much!  Now we will just pray that those couple of nights away was all he needed to get out of his system.  :)
On a better note...he can OFFICIALLY sit up all by himself and he is also officially CRAWLING!!!  (Not fast, but definitely getting far now!)  Watch out world!!  :)