Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun weekend

This past weekend we had a couple of sweet surprises.  Our first was my sister came into town for two nights!  Thursday night she called and asked if she could come for Friday night.  OF COURSE!!  The following day, after breakfast with the family, Aubrey Rose got another surprise.  She got to go on her first train ride!   Oma, Opa and Auntie Titi took her for a few hours to Hanford and enjoyed some amazing ice cream.  Delicious!  

 They also got to go to the library.   Aubrey Rose had so much fun!
 Even though Christy had to go home the next day, the surprises kept coming.  :)  Auntie Allie and Uncle Jesse were so sweet to spoil Aubrey Rose with a trip to the zoo!  I know!  How did we get so lucky and blessed all in one weekend?!  It was such a treat for me too!  Blake worked a ton this weekend, so it was just Austin and I hanging out.  It made me wonder multiple times this weekend why I ever thought one baby was a lot of work!  HA!  
My brother is quite silly and hilarious, especially with Aubrey Rose. 
Aubrey is quite the fan of him.
Auntie Allie posted a couple other pics from their zoo fun HERE!  LOVE sweet family time!
Thank you for spoiling our little girl this weekend and for blessing us at the same time!!   What a treat!