Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Circus fun

I am definitely back tracking a little ways, but I realized I never posted these cute pics!  We got to go to the circus with Mimi and Big Papa!  Aubrey Rose, of course, loved it!  We got a babysitter for Austin, so he enjoyed his time too.  :)
Mimi made Aubrey Rose's dress!  It was soooooo cute!!
If you go early you can look at all the animals up close...

You also get to watch the preshow,
meet some of the clowns, 
try on some of their clothes.
Aubrey Rose got a Circus tattoo
and a special Circus wand (of course it is pink) from Mimi and Big Papa,

and of course we all enjoyed the show!
Such a fun night!  Thanks Mimi and Big Papa!!!