Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BIG day for Aubrey Rose!!!

Today Aubrey Rose starts preschool!  She will be going 2 days a week for a few hours.  I am excited to watch her grow and learn.  She is thrilled to go, although I am not sure if she even knows what this really means.  :) This season of school, starting today and going until God knows how long, will feel like eternity from here on out for her.  My biggest prayer for her in regards to school are the influences on her life, whether teachers, students or friends, I pray they impact her life in a positive and encouraging way.  We are already praying for her friends in elementary, junior high, high school and college that they will help form her in a Godly way.  I pray she is a light to others and that her impact on friends and teachers around will bring others to know more about the Lord.  
Since today is our first day of preschool, only God knows the road in front of us, but what I am already excited about is our journey each morning to class.  Her school is in walking distance from our house, so we are planning to walk each morning.  But our favorite part of our walk to school is through the peach orchards.  These are Big Papa and Daddy's peach trees!!!  The sidewalk we take to school goes in between one of the rows of peach trees.  The peaches are growing right now and Aubrey asks tons of questions about them as we travel through them.    Here is a little of what our walk consists of...peach trees on either side and two of the sweetest kids to spend some fun memories with.  LOVE it!!!
 Preschool for Aubrey Rose also means one on one time with this little man.  Looking forward to it!!