Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visiting Brad

Last weekend we went with Blake's parents to go visit Bradley (Blake's brother).  It was so nice to see his apartment, his school, his life up there.

 Uncle Brad had his car in a car show.  
 Brad also put the Smittcamp's Model A car into the car show.  It is a 1931 Model A and the Smittcamp's have been the only owners.  Here are some of the Smittcamp boys...
 I wanted a picture of my orange ride and my competition.  HA!!!
 Here is inside Bradley's school.
It is awesome! 

 Check what is under this cop cars hood!  A barbeque!  And it works!  Well, the BBQ does, not the car.  HA!
 Hanging out at Bradley's apartment one last time before heading home...
Thanks Brad for inviting us!!!  And thank you for being so flexible to the life with kids.  HA!!