Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blair turns 21!!

I am a little late on posting this BIG news, but on December 27th, Blair (Blake's sister) turned 21! We all shared a fantastic dinner at Campangia's. Family, plus a few of her close friends were there to help celebrate. I can't believe that I have known Blair since she was like 7!!!! I am sooooo proud of the woman she has become today. Not that I had anything to do with it! But, God sure did. I know He is proud too! Not to mention her parents...they are MORE than proud. We all are!! Happy Birthday Blair!

Hopefully, I don't get in trouble for posting this picture, but this was the first one I could find quick enough. Bill (Blake's dad) must have been taking the picture, but this is from Blake and my high school graduation time in 1998. Look at Bradley and Blair!! Okay, and the rest of us!! HA!!She was probably about 9 years old in the picture above, and now look at her today with our baby! I love seeing these two together.Congratulations Blair!!! Blair and her friend Derek All of us at the table. Happy 21st Birthday Blair!!! We LOVE you Auntie BB!!


Seeking His Face said...

i love that pic from your graduation! so fun;) happy birthday blair!