Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Competitive spirit?

We finally found something that Aubrey Rose will NOT allow a camera to distract her from. The task...playing a game. Maybe it was the specific game she was playing, but the second she started playing...it was GAME time for her! Her little competitive spirit came out and it was not time to even look at the camera, much less smile for the camera! Only the future will tell us if it is the competitive spirit in Aubrey Rose or if it is the goal of this specific game. :) To win the game, you have to land on the correct squares to win a necklace, earrings, a ring and the crown.

Ahhhh, the things you are willing to do for your daughter. Blake, you are the BEST daddy!!

You see...our little girl absolutely LOVES any kind of jewelry! She is a girly girl for sure! Even though I love the girly girl side of her, I am pulling for this focus to be some to do with a competitive spirit God knit inside her. God's timing will only tell.


Ashley Patricio said...

We are playing this morning. So adorable.