Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally home

Blake's parents are finally home! They went on an Australian cruise for pretty much the WHOLE month of January! They had a wonderful time. We all missed them a ton! We were so happy to have them home safe and sound.
They knew one of us was going to be picking them up at the airport. However, they did not know we ALL were going to pick them up! Ha! Blake made a hilarious sign and it was HUGE. Missing people....Have you seen these people? Aubrey Rose had her own. :)

Yeah, there they are!!!

Finally home safe and sound...a good, good feeling.
They even brought gifts back! A little koala backpack,
a little beanie and a bunch of other goodies!

Welcome home Mom and Dad! We missed you. Don't ever do that again...well, for that long at least....okay, well maybe if you take us along. Ha!


Ashley Patricio said...

So fun! They must have been so excited to see you all there and the sign was a GREAT touch. Welcome Home Bill and Linda! Love you all!