Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jaz and Aubrey Rose

Although Aubrey Rose is crazy about a BUNCH of people...her best friend could quite possibly be Jazmine. This is my brother and his wife Allie's dog. Jesse and Allie recently went on a missions trip to Thailand. We were able to keep Jaz at our house for a couple of weeks. It has been a week now since Jesse and Allie have come home, however STILL after every nap and almost every morning when I go get Aubrey Rose she asks for Jazzie. Except she can't quite get the "J" out, so she says "Zazzie???" And then I see the sadest face, when I have to tell her Jazzie is at Auntie Allie's and Uncle Jesse's house. Good thing we get to see Jaz every week at family night!
She LOVES to walk Jazmine!