Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun with Chelsey and the girls!

Below is my cousin Chelsey (with Aubrey Rose of course). My cousin and I have such a fun relationship. We can joke, have fun together, laugh and share stories and then be real with each other all in a matter of minutes. Well, actually when we hang out, it is usually hours. I love it that way. I love her. I love her seeing her smile. I love her personality...even the fiesty, spicy side. I love being friends with her. I love sharing more memories together and I LOVE, LOVE seeing her with our Aubrey Rose. Did you know Aubrey Rose's middle name is named after her mom? Aunt Rose, Chelsey's mom, is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everyone who knew her would probably agree. We miss her tremendously. She passed away 2 years ago from something I hate...cancer. We miss her every day...and I mean EVERY day. However, being with Chelsey warms my heart and makes me feel little like it was all a bad dream. Even though I know it is reality, I am so thankful Chelsey and I, and our family, know God is still God and He loves us more than anyone ever could. Trusting in Him and putting our hope in Him every day of our lives, allows us the most glorious life with God. The biggest bonus will be the reunion with my Aunt Rose, Chelsey's mom. Come quickly, Lord! We are READY!

In the meantime, Chelsey and I will continue to make sweet memories together. Chelsey is the greatest babysitter EVER. She definitely is a favorite around here and at church. We call her CC (cousin Chelsey). I love watching Aubrey Rose run to the door yelling "CC" to greet Chelsey with a BIG hug. Chels often brings over other friends' kids to our house while she nannies or babysits them. I absolutely love it. Our sweet friends, the Bell's, have taken Chelsey into their family like a daughter, (which I am soooooo thankful for!) so Chelsey sometimes gets to bring their girls over to our house! Here are a few shots from our recent times while Chels was watching Peyton and Kendall.

Baking yummy desserts together! (I had to take a pic with Kendall having chocolate on her face. Precious!!) Kendall was the lucky girl who got to lick the remainders.
On a different day playing in the tent.
Chelsey, Kendall and Peyton
These girls are too sweet!!
Warning!!! Warning to everyone who hangs out with Chelsey Marie! If you leave your phone or camera anywhere near of Chelsey's hands, you will be greeted with a variety of expressions of her beautiful face similar to this...

Oh, and then there was our Rock Band memory. Good times girls!

Even though these were fun memories with these girls, one of my all time favorite times was last Valentine's Day when all three girls spent the night and we giggled all day together.