Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brady and Aubrey Rose...

Our wonderful friends, Tommy and Janay had a little boy one month after Aubrey Rose was born. When they come into town to visit family, it is such a joy to get these two not-so-little ones together. Here are a few pics of how they have grown...

June 2008

February 2009

They have grown so much, with lots of words now and they have hair!!
December 2009

It is so fun to have friendships like theirs that you can just pick up right where you left off and have a great time doing it! Love those Barrington's!!!


tommy and janay said...

Ah Cherie!!!! I love love love those pictures! I tried to find mine but realized there all on our old computer!!!! So cute! It is so crazy to see how big they have gotten!!! So fun being with you guys. Maybe we can talk you into making a Northern California trip soon????? :) Love you guys!