Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Go Blair!

Blair (Blake's sister) recently won an Outstanding Young Adult award. She was nominated for the Martin Luther King Outstanding Young Adult award and she was chosen! Go Blair! We were able to be there when she was given her award and she then had about a 5 minute acceptance speech. She is made for this stuff! She was her bubbly Blair self even in front of all the people. We are so proud of her! We DEFINITELY missed Bill and Linda as they were on their vacation in Australia, but we tried to represent as good as possible on their behalf.

Brad (Blake's brother), Blair, myself and Blake
Lisa is a friend of Blair's. She was so sweet to nominate Blair for the award. Blair and Lisa ride horses and barrel race competitively together.
Derek (Blair's friend), Blair, Blake, myself and Bradley
Below are all of the 2010 Award winners, as well as Fresno's Mayor and board members. Our Mayor, Ashley Swearengin was the keynote speaker. It was a joy to hear her speak as well as an honor to be apart of the event. Go Blair!