Monday, January 25, 2010

The possibilities are endless!

My brother Jesse, and his wife Allie, are AMAZING hosts! Allie is an amazing gourmet cook too! She might not admit it to anyone, because she is the most humble person EVER, but it is true. It is only fitting they add a pizza oven to her repertoire!! This dream probably started way long ago, but this past September we had a family trip to Carmel and we took a pizza oven tour and since then the dream has come full circle.

Here is the pizza oven! They have a counter top on either side of the oven. On one side they installed their bbq. On the other side, is where all the eating will take place and there is a place for their umbrella. The back side will eventually have barstools. So fun!!!
The possibilities are absolutely endless! There is the!
Here are some sausage...3 minutes and DONE! You can do any kind of meats, fish, veggies, eggs, etc. You can cook food on the grill, just in the oven by itself or in a ceramic dish. See...the possibilities are endless! And grilled to perfection!! Yummy!

Here we did cinnamon/sugar rolls....yummy!!
Myself, Allie, Allie's mom and my mom!
Becca and Luke (my cousin) came to be apart of the first pizzas too!
Blake and myself acting like we know what we are doing.
Us girls just watching the pizzas bake. (The little gray tool in front of Darlene is a laser that you shine into the oven to check the temperature. The oven should be different temps for different things you bake.)
Allie is now the pizza oven EXPERT! (She probably would not admit to that either! HA! If she dropped her humble self for just a second, she would say FOR SURE!!) Homemade dough, homemade pizzas, baked in an amazing pizza can anyone just eat one?!!
The girls...myself, Allie, Aubrey Rose and my mom

Of course there is always a time to play... Myself and our little ball of sunshine


Rob & Katie Donnelly said...

Boy Cherie, you are a blogging machine!!! I love it! Keep 'em coming! You're averaging one a day :)

Love ya,